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Plumbing is a very competitive profession filled with numerous options in just about every market. We have studied the top ranking plumber websites and to be honest, when it comes to search engine optimization they are terrible. These are your competitors, and the only reason so many quality lacking websites are top ranking is due to nobody taking the extra step and providing a website that actually meets seo standards to outrank them. They are merely ranking from domain age, Page authority (PA), and Domain authority (DA). This was only gained by age of their domain and website. Anybody can add some content and rank 15 years later, or provide the bare minimum and spend $1,500-$2,500 per month using Pay Per Click (ppc) advertising.


But PPC advertising is profitable!

You may argue, the return on investment is profitable using pay per click advertising on your current plumbing website. I ask you to do the math. Average cost per click for popularly searched plumbing keywords is $22-$30 per click. Say your site is highly optimized for conversions and you convert 50% of those clicks, which I can assure most are not receiving as their sites are not optimized for much of anything.  That is a very high average we are using just for ease of calculations by the way. Most clients are clicking your ad, the next ad as well as the top few organically ranking sites and getting quotes. By the time you find a client ready to accept your bid and hire you, it has already cost you at this high figure of 50% conversion rate $44-$60. This doesn’t include your time spent bidding the ones you didn’t win. Yet paid $22-$30 to go bid. That’s right, you are paying to bid jobs. A service most plumbing companies offer free of charge. You still have to pay your journeyman plumbers, apprentices, and helpers if your plumbing company has them, buy plumbing material, gas, and pay your plumbing “marketing” company. Before you even start calculating cost of the job, you are in it about $100. You may present a bid with that amount included and land the job and it be a profitable lead. The plumbing company who actually ranks organically and receives that same request you did, goes and bids the job next, they see your quote, and they have nothing invested in this lead other than their time and gas. They can easily beat your quote and still make as much or more profit than you.

Bottom Line:

Plumber SEO= Unlimited leads, same cost. PPC= More leads, More Cost

Depending on ppc advertising to receive leads has zero future of becoming more profitable other than optimizing your page and maybe your cost per click will go down a bit. That is the biggest break or change you have to look forward to. If you spend $1500 per month on clicks, $300 per month to your ppc management company, you are looking at a $21,600 a year advertising expense.

Do you realize the amount of professional search engine optimization $21,000 would get you and your company? For that amount of money, seo professionals can rank you in every city search in your state first page and you would receive unlimited free clicks for ages. None of your competitors are going to take the proper steps to seo optimize their website, they believe it’s easier to pay $22-$30 per click. Mostly due to misinformation by their “seo guru’s, who are ppc professionals” PPC professionals do not benefit by leading your website to ranking organically as this eliminates their source of income as your slowly stop using ppc, their pay slowly drops. These individuals typically fill their clients heads with myths.

Were you told this?

Plumber Seo Myths: Google will not begin ranking your website until it’s 6 months old! NOT TRUE

We had a plumber tell us his seo “guru” told him that google does not rank sites organically until they reach the six month age mark, and they should be careful not to properly optimize their sites seo so they will rank between 10-11 in search engines. At the same time, the one and only targeted keyword this company had paid $300 per month for, is a keyword that receives 0 searches on average according to google and this same “targeted keyword” appeared zero times within their content. The only trace of this so called $1800 targeted keyword was in the website description. This did nothing but hurt them even more as the description was not backed up by the content so it just told google it was completely irrelevant to that targeted search term, which wasn’t a term ever searched to begin with.

But why would they lie? 

Why wouldn’t they? Their lies allow them to charge you for two services at once!

Do you want the truth? This guru was the same professional who manged this companies ppc campaign which they spent $1,500-$2,500 per month on. They receive a piece of that pie every click for managing it. They make more money from your ppc ads than they do to properly manage your seo. On top of that, most ppc professionals are not up to date with proper seo techniques as it’s not in their best interest to be. While ppc and seo could be used together very efficiently and generate large profits for your plumbing business, the profession has a few bad apples just as the plumbing profession does. If they sell you on it takes six months to start ranking, and charge you $300 per month for a minimum six months they generated $1800 in revenue, on top of that sold you on using ppc ads in the meantime and probably even told you that will assist you with your seo efforts in the meantime. It’s easy to fall trap for this scheme as a business owner. You are not expected to understand seo and these guys know this. You are being taken advantage of. While it may still be profitable, you are nowhere closer to your end goal than you were when you started. Six months pass, you still are not ranking, your site still has bare minimum content, and you’re still spending the same amount of money for your online marketing campaign. I guarantee this is not what you agreed to or were sold. We’re sure you mentioned this to your seo “guru” and he told you that he’s sorry, your plumbing company serves a very tough and crowded market, but be patient, seo is not a overnight journey but it’s going to pay off.

So… What is the truth? 

How old does my website have to be before google will rank it organically?

Good question, and who better to answer this question other than Google engineer Matt Cutts. In this video Matt busts the myths and gives you the facts!


Here is the key factors in ranking your plumbing website, from google themselves.

  • Unique, high quality content
  • The quantity of content
  • External anchor text back-links to your content

Being told six months before google ranks your content started out being told to clients as a typical expectancy. This is a true average to rank. However, we have ranked websites in as little as a month and a half by simply putting quality content and optimizing every page of our website by interlinking each of our pages with anchor text. Which we always use our targeted keywords as linked anchor text. We only had three high quality backlinks that linked to our website using what? Anchored keyword Text. With these simple methods we are able to rank plumbing websites quicker than your typical freelancer seo “guru” you are hiring. Don’t get us wrong, there are some really good seo freelancers available for hire out there. It’s just hard to find those good ones.

We can’t stress this enough:

Require any hired SEO professional to provide you with access to the following tools and reports

How to ensure your hired plumber seo agency or freelancer is providing  you with promised tasks

  • Require access to your sites google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools shows you which search terms your website is being shown for, it shows you how many times it was shown for that term, the average ranking of your site for that term, how many times your site was clicked on when shown, as well as the page of your website that was being shown. There is no honest plumber seo professional who has any legitimate reason to deny you of this request. It does not threaten their profession in any way. If they give an excuse and deny you access, find a new plumber seo agency!

  • Require access to your sites Google analytics account

Google analytics is a very informative tool for a Plumber website as well as any website. By simply placing a tracking code into the code of your website, this allows google to track and report to you a ton of useful information that will allow you to see the progress of your websites seo campaign, social media campaign, as well as your ppc campaign. It will even show you which of your backlinks are actually leading traffic to your website as well as which of your pages are being viewed by your visitors. On top of that, it shows you on average how long your website visitors are on your website, broken down by each page. If your organic search traffic is not increasing each month, your seo campaign is not being successfully executed. You should see some results even if minimal within 30 days.

  • Require a list of LONGTAIL KEYWORDS that your seo agency is targeting for you

Once again, your seo agency has nothing to lose by providing you with this list. Once you have this list, use tools such as google keyword planner, this is that tool you use to plan your ppc campaign. It shows you how many searches that term has, how hard that keyword is to rank for as well as how competitive it is and it’s cost per click on average. More than likely, if you have already used PPC, you should be targeting those same keywords as it will 1. decrease your cost per click if your site actually fits the description of what you’re paying for. 2. As you begin to rank higher, you can reduce your spendings on that keyword as you’ll be receiving those clicks free now. When you are provided with your list of targeted keywords, you can use free tools such as Free Seo Tools by Moz, which is a top authority site for SEO to see if those keywords are even valuable. You can also get suggested keywords for free. Moz free tools will also show you how many times that keyword is searched per month. Local plumber searches are typically low searched terms, so you want to be sure to cover all of them that fit your business to receive maximum results from seo.

Check the work of your Plumbing Seo company


There are many free seo check tools readily available online. One we personally like as it actually allows you to type in the keyword, and it will grade your website is Free Website Grader. Once you provide the requested information it will take about 15-20 seconds to scan your website, it will email you a copy of the report, as this is something you need to forward to your seo agency as it highlights all errors your website has, as well as all of the seo points your site passes. On top of that, it provides you with a checklist to fix the issue, this is what you need to give your agency. Some of the errors are going to be tough to get rid of depending on the platform used to build your site, however most should be a passing score if you have a true professional plumbing and hvac agency.

Check your competitions score!

You want to score higher than your competition more than anything. Use these same tools and check them, the issues their site has, make certain to not have those issues on your site. Do your very best to outscore them in every area, as this is how you can outrank a mature plumbing website with a fairly brand new one. If you are out scoring them in almost every category, and not outranking them in searches, this is more than likely due to your sites lack of backlinks, social signals and lack of linked anchor text. We will cover those topics in a later post for those of you interested in ensuring your plumbing and hvac seo agency is actually working toward ranking your plumbing and hvac website as high as it can in search engines. If everything looks satisfactory, let your agency know you checked up on them anyways, and let them know you are thankful for their honest hard work and then you can relax and be patient. At this time, you should work toward obtaining as many QUALITY links to your website from RELATED WEBSITES! A link from a flower shop with a DA of 100 and PA of 100 will benefit you less than a link from a plumbing directory or supply house with a DA and Pa of only 20. Don’t always link to your homepage, it gets enough links to it on its own. You want backlinks to every page on your website. Pages other than the homepage are the ones you need to target. Make sure the majority of your links don’t say CLICK HERE, or VISIT US. Your site has nothing to do witch click here or visit us however that’s what you’re telling search engines you want to rank for when you have links like that. Quality plumbers in your city <— Link that sentence to a page telling why you are the best plumber in your city. However, link more than one term over and over as you could get penalized for doing this too much. Use multiple key search terms to link to your website and you will notice your rankings steadily going up and up.


Once your site has been receiving organic clicks for a month or two where you have enough data to look at, use the google webmaster tool and see which searches you’re showing the highest for. Create some new posts targeting these keywords, go to your old pages and link that exact phrase to that page, also some pages use similar terms to link to it. This is giving that page authority so to speak and will lead to higher rankings, obtain some backlinks from other sites to this new page. A seo professional knows how to obtain quality backlinks, we won’t discuss it here as buying backlinks will penalize your site if caught by search engines. Trust this to a professional.

Plumber SEO Tip:

The more pages and blog posts your plumber website has, the more listings you have the opportunity to rank in search engines. A 5 page website without any sort of blog, more than likely has five listings in google. They may show for multiple searches, but chances of them having a high user experience is slim if the visitor doesn’t see what they are looking for within the first 20 seconds. This is what determines your bounce rate. Guess what your bounce rate determines? It determines if google will continue to show your website for that searched term.

What if my website is designed to only have users for only a brief second? 

Well, good luck with your ppc marketing, that’s all your site is good for if that is what your plumber website is designed to do.

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